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Some time ago my sister in law give me a bag of nuts, so I started to use them for different preparations: hazelnuts or crumbly meatballs, hazelnut cream, hazelnut cake, biscuits, pastry and this delicious shortcrust pastry with hezelnut! You can use it to make cookies, or a tart stuffed with hazelnut cream, or you [...]

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ciambella tipo mr day

It’s true. I’m not a fan of packaged foods, because they are full of preservatives and many other substances that are not good for us, but everyone tested them, so often I try to copy some sweets at home with only genuine ingredients. Today’s recipe is not the result of my experiment but only the [...]

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tartufi cioccolato e arancia

Christmas is arrived…and like every year it brings with it some thoughts and reflections. Christmas for me is synonymous of family, warmth! It is the most in importante feast in my house, I remember when I was a child and I was preparing the tree and the crib with my Dad: everyone has is rule, [...]

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A glass of banana mousse with caramel is a sweet suitable for all seasons, but in this rainy period of the year it is really suited to comfort the souls and give a ray of sunshine in our thoughts! Bananas are a fruit available during the whole year  without any exploitation of nature, but when [...]

carrot cake


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The english carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes! I discovered this aromatic and fragrant cake during my first trip to London, I still remember when I tasted the first slice of this cake near Oxford Str and it was love at the first bite! Since this moment it has been a must for [...]